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Man Makes Fire

I blog with my buddies at Man Makes Fire, a site for doers. The motto is “Less Watch, More Do.” The point? It’s better to do things than watch other people do things. Especially outside.

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Wicked Cool Bite

I’m an Apple technology enthusiast. I appreciate Apple’s integrated design and use Apple products every day: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Apple TV. Might be an addiction.

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Short Stories

What makes a great story? Fighting and searching, it turns out, often at the same time. Get “If They Mistake the Moon for the Sun” at Amazon.com.

Why not have multiple personalities, multiple identities? Why not cultivate passions, hobbies, and new skills?

Who wants to do — or be — just one thing in life?


“I just can’t shake these characters. Maxcer is the best kind of optimist, because he understands that hope doesn’t mean much if you haven’t had occasion to lose it. His characters take their second chances, they figure a few things out, they sprint for redemption. They are funny, flawed, irritating, inspiring and demanding of attention, which is why I’m here now, giving in to their pestering to say I really enjoyed immersing myself in this collection.”

Elizabeth Greene, as quoted from her Amazon.com review

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