Dedicated Waterproof Cameras: 3 Best Rugged Cameras

Dedicated Waterproof Cameras: 3 Best Rugged Cameras

I’m come to the conclusion that a guy needs three cameras:

  1. a smartphone camera that you usually have with you
  2. a DSLR “large” camera with a smart brain and interchangeable lenses
  3. a compact, rugged, waterproof camera

With more photos taken with the iPhone than with any other “camera” these days, the ease and handy nature of the smartphone camera should be self evident. And the DSLR? Have you ever tried to zoom in with an iPhone? It’s pointless. Plus, you don’t have to be an expert photographer to appreciate looking through the lens of a DSLR, zooming in or out, framing your subject, and focusing a big lens. It’s just cool, eye-opening, and the results are far more likely to be great. Plus, you can capture people waving their hands without getting an in-focus face shot with melted flipper hands like you so often do with smartphone cameras.

So, smartphone for everyday stuff. DSLRs for sports, movement, zoom, and more serious endeavors. And the rugged, waterproof camera? For outdoor play in hot sand, cool water, dirt, dust, and snow. The rugged camera lets you stride into a poop at the water park and capture video of your kids jumping into the pool. No fear. It lets you raft down a river and hold your arm under the water to see what’s on the bottom. No fear. It lets you snorkel with fish. It’s easy to pack and versatile, too. Which is why ever outdoor, action-oriented guy could use a waterproof camera. Just saying. Here’s three of the best waterproof cameras for 2014, as I covered for Man Makes Fire.

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